Octopuses are Aliens – Scientists Have Determined

After mapping the DNA structure, it has been concluded octopuses are so vastly different in their genetic makeup that they might as well be considered out of this world.

Octopuses have 33,000 genes, roughly 10,000 MORE than a human.

This alone sets them apart from any other invertebrate in the world. They also possess over 500 million neurons – the majority are located in their arms, which can not only touch but smell and taste. Their arms quite literally have minds of their own!

octopus-amazing-alienThey are exceptionally clever, with the ability to open jars, solve puzzles, and even use tools. It’s no wonder that some might think this creature is from another planet. Scientists found that octopuses have a human-like ability to adapt and learn.  They have a neural network in their brains (like humans), and also possess:

  • a closed circulatory system
  • and eyes with an iris, retina, and lens
  • a large brain

octopus-alien-speciesThe octopus has very little in common with humans or mammals – as far as evolution is concerned.

They developed eyes, limbs, brains and a closed circulatory system following a completely separate route – with completely different ancestors from mammals and humans.

An alien, by definition, would be a conscious, sentient being with no common ancestry with humans.

alien-human-octopusHere on Earth, the octopus is our best approximation. If there is an ancient evolutionary connection, it was a long, long time ago.  Our last common ancestor is thought to have existed 600 million years ago and was thought to resemble a flattened worm, perhaps only millimeters long.


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